Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome

We took Hard Chrome Plating from…

Seat-of-the-Pants to State-of-the-Art!

We offer two unique processes that we have researched and developed for specialty applications. Our most prominent and successful is the DyClad process, a compettior to Armaloy. We also have an economical and practical alternative to titanium nitride, already proven very successful under the trade name DyCro-tuff. This process is a combination, using a hybrid micro-crack hard chrome solution with a proprietary impregnated dry lubricant reflecting a mirror finish and durablewear surface. Please contact us for more information.

Why Prepare for Great Chrome
Got a piece that won’t chrome plate over the entire surface? Or perhaps a surface that will not accept chrome plating at all? Chances are that the problem is caused by the incomplete preparation of the surface to be plated. “Improper surface finishing is probably one of the most common reasons for plating failure : (The Hand Book of Hard Chrome Plating, copyright 1986)”


What to Expect from Hard Chroming

Up to 300% longer tool or part life – You’ll save money by cutting downtime and equipment repair costs.

Higher lubricity – In mold and die applications, chroming eases release of the finished product and eliminates or reduces galling, seizing, and wearing due to friction.

Greater hardness – Hardness exceeds Rockwell C65, reducing abrasion and the effects of corrosion or erosion from environmental and chemical forces.

High-performance stripping – Unlike other surface treatments, chrome plating can be removed, allowing you to repair or change the existing piece and save the cost of replacement. We are experts at stripping hard chrome and returning your parts in prime condition, saving you both time and money.

Better machinability – You can machine heavy deposits (except on stamping dies), saving money by extending the life of the piece.

Added Values

Besides the performance benefits of expert hard chroming, Hale Performance Coatings offers capabilities and benefits that maximize the return on your investment. We have highly skilled employees on all shifts, day and night, without exception. You also get superior anode engineering our key to great chrome adhesion, ensuring uniform thickness at a fast rate. We rigorously inspect the work piece before chroming to confirm that its surface preparation will allow successful adhesion.

The Hale Process & Quality Assurance Program makes sure your work will be done to your specifications. And we provide full documentation of results. Our plant and facilities are designed to meet your special needs and provide the capacity you require. We handle orders of any quantity and size (up to 50 tons), with consistent care and quality. Our equipment is made in the USA, and we continually reinvest in it to keep pace with capacity demands.

We’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet both domestic and international scheduling needs and ensure quick turnaround when required.