Extend Tool Life up 25% with new Dycro-Tuff®

If you’re in the tool-and-die business, you know that hard chrome is the most economical surface treatment for reducing friction. Or was, until now. Today, there’s DyCro-Tuff, a combination mirror-finish hardened surface and seize free lubricant that provides the most cost-effective coating yet for tool and die surfaces.

The Hale Process

In a proprietary application developed by Hale Performance Coatings, chemical polymers are added to a hybrid electro-plating, and impregnated in the micro-crack structure of hard chrome using low heat. the result is a mirror-like, non-stick, dry-lubricated work surface that prolongs tool life. Tests by the Industrial Research & Development Institute of Canada prove it’s true: friction levels with DyCro-Tuff”are lower than those obtained using chrome-coated tools.” Plus, surfaces are “better protected from galling and smearing.”

In short, DyCro-Tuff extends tool life by 15% to 25% over any hard chrome surface-treated compound.

Engineering Specifications

To incorporate DyCro-Tuff in your tool design, we recommend allowing for a .001 deposit on your specifications. To maximize the DyCro-Tuff surface treatment, your tool must be able to accept a mirror finish on the working surface. Upon completion, tools coated with Dycro-Tuff will feature a durable, polished, reflective finish and a permanent lubricating quality that can only be removed in an electrolytic bath.

Manufacturing and Performance Advantages

Dycro-Tuff enhances productivity in ways conventional hard chrome surface treatment cannot.

Let us complete the finishing
DyCro-Tuff’s mirror finish eliminates the need for additional grinding or polishing.

High performance surface

Polished hardened surfaces treated with DyCro-Tuff reduce galling, seizing, metal pickup, sticking, erosion and corrosion better than any conventional chrome process currently available.

Major reduction in friction and wear

IN addition to decreasing friction levels and extending tool life, DyCro-Tuff reduces the need for lubricants, resulting in cleaner production and a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

The ultimate bond

DyCro-Tuff stands up to the most rigorous manufacturing stresses with out chipping, flaking, cracking, peeling or separating.

Designed to simplify refurbishing

When necessary, DyCro-Tuff can be removed easily in an electrolytic bath, allowing you to make repairs and engineering changes easily on the original substrate DyCro-Tuff is your most economical, practical solution for extending tool life.

DyCro-Tuff is your most economical, practical solution for extending tool life. To determine if the process is right for you, call (419) 244-6451 today and talk to a member of our sales staff. A designated in-plant technician can be made available at your convenience to help develop your DyCro-Tuff program.