Our Mission

Our Mission
Hale Performance Coatings

We like to keep things simple. That’s why our main job at Hale Performance Coatings is simply to provide chrome plating skill of the highest caliber, service any time you need it, and support that puts our people (and yours) on top of technology.Simple as this approach is, it takes serious investment and commitment to make it work. Worker skill is our greatest asset, and we consistently train and re-educate our people to upgrade their expertise.

Even though we must handle modern-day business and regulatory challenges, there’s nothing new in our concept of doing business. Hale Performance Coatings has been around since 1930. We’re a solid American company. We treat our customers and our employees the same way: with respect and concern.A little about our company… The hard chrome plating process was developed in the late 1920’s. It’s primary use was for salvage work with a secondary need as a surface enhancement.Growing up in a family business, my question to my father was always the same. “With all the new and changing technology available, what if they find a replacement for hard chrome? His response was often the same too, “Chrome has always remained an economical method for repair and extended tool life, and the bonus is that it’s easy to remove. Besides, if you want something as hard as hard chrome, wear like chrome, be as slippery as chrome, then it better be chrome.” This has held true (despite my worrying) to this day, but we can not be satisfied by offering only a single standard proven product and service.

Testing Lab

Uses have greatly expanded for chrome, as have the plating solutions and concepts. We have researched many, and developed some for specialty applications. Our most prominent and successful is the DyClad process, a competitor to Armaloy. Our staff is also excited that we have an economical and practical alternative to titanium nitride, already proven very successful under the trade name DyCro-tuff. This process is a combination, using a hybrid micro-crack hard chrome solution with a proprietary impregnated dry lubricant reflecting a mirror finish and durablewear surface.

Developing with both an elite hard chrome plating laboratory and an exclusive in house laboratory, Hale Performance Coatings has the confidence to offer these specialized surface treatments. Recently, further product development has been our priority for a better hard chrome bath and even more specialized processes. A new bath as been proven in the field with huge success, giving our customers a harder chrome, better adhesion, better corrosion resistance and a more uniform deposit. An added benefit for mold builders and finish tooling customers is the high luster, producing a dense microstructure.

Our mission continues into a greener world of coatings and treatments. Expansion here include many new ROHS compliant services. Please explore our site, you will see “we are here to serve”.

Please call us for more details and a tour of our facility to see our upgrades. You can appreciate first hand, the pride our platers will take in handing you a finished product, reflecting our continuous improvements, and the art of the “Hale Process”, implemented worldwide.

Rick Deye, CEO
Hale Performance Coatings, Inc.
2282 Albion Street Toledo, Ohio 43606