Gordon S. Deye  1915 – 1975

Hale Chrome Service was a life long career for Gordon beginning in the mid-1930’s after graduating from Burnham High School in Sylvania, Ohio.  Hired by Philip P. Hale after months of performing yard work for him, Gordon began to learn the skilled trade position as an industrial chrome plater, working at one of the two plants owned by Mr. Hale.  In the late 1940’s, Gordon had the opportunity to purchase Mr. Hale’s interest in the business and with two other employees began a new milestone in the history of Hale Chrome Service.  The shop operated on all three shifts with each owner overseeing each shift during the toughest and leanest of years.  In time, Gordon bought out the other two owners and began the development and evolution of ideas, designs and dreams that we have today.  Utilizing a flat sheet of cardboard and a good imagination, he took to begin a new addition to the building; many more have occurred since. 

Away from work, Gordon was a husband and a father to two daughters and a son.  He had a variety of interests and hobbies.  He enjoyed horses and rodeos as a young man, South Dakota hunting and even purchased a cattle ranch with a desire to retire to “his” old west.  Later, he began a collection of antique cars and motorcycles from classic to performance, he restored furniture, built clocks, painted, skeet shooting and inventing “gadgets” for all functions; a man as diverse as his interests.

A fair person and well liked by both customers and employees alike, his success was based on a simple statement that we carry on today, “If you give the customer quality and service, the rest will follow.”  Gordon died in 1975 leaving a wife, two daughters and a son. 

Technology and development at Hale moves faster and faster but Gordon’s legacy of fairness and customer appreciation during his time, continues today.  Gordon learned from his mentor, P.P. Hale, generations after learned from Gordon’s teachings and these roots run deep and must never be lost or forgotten.  A business serving the same industries since 1929 must understand it was built with a sound foundation and commitment to customer service and quality.  This is not just about a product or a service, but a respect and testimony to the life and times of Gordon S. Deye.