Ev-o-lu-tion. – The dictionary defines this as any process of formation or growth; development. That’s what you’ll find at Hale Performance Coatings. Evolutionary thinking. That’s how our exclusive DyCote-C came to be. The rubber molding industry was in need of a better technique for plating molds, and our engineers responded by incorporating state-of-the-art electronics with today’s highly innovative chemistry to develop an alternative to the “engineering chrome” plating process that has been such a success for the tool industry over the past 70 plus years. By producing a chrome that was reduced to an inert state of hardened metal, then linked to a proprietary releasing agent, Hale Performance Coatings has revolutionized the rubber molding industry.

An important part of the DyCote-C technique is the specialized cleaning process, which removes residuals – such as scales and embedded organic materials generated by manufacturing. The cleaning solution and technique was specifically developed through an alliance with a local chemical blender.

Two key goals were met:

  1. To gain 100% cleanliness, and
  2. To assure no erosion or negative effect on the the substrate – for both short and long term tool life.