Micro Cleaning

Green Teaming by Micro Cleaning, our latest innovation set-up for job work and production cleaning. A non-amine process and that states loudly, Environmental-Friendly. High circulation, high multi-filtration lines with systems flexible to meet your procedures for any component shape or tool design built. Using this cleaning process to step up to the Greenest process and safest product your company must produce. Neutral PH of cleaners, neutral temperatures and a finished tool component dried using filtered air and an infra-red conveyor. Dust controlled by operators and purchased enclosures for your tools.

Besides, we can prove it. We can do that with our laboratory set-up to not only analyze our finished product but confirm it with our interfaced ability to forward results under any magnification factor your customer requires. We build to suit, we process to suit, we confirm and certify to suit and we know it cannot be sold until it is in your customer’s facility. Yes, we back it up with service and as a bonus, we think it is the right thing to do to promote the non-amine movement. Put us on your ‘Green Team’.