Brass-Bright Dip

A ROHOS Compliant process. A zero emission air or water total modular line. Our Hale Process specializes in leaded brass and copper fixtures. A job shop and production lines with full analytical lab staffed to insure processing exactly to your specifications. Set-up to produce a brite finish but more important, precise with minimized stock removal. All operators trained for gauging down to a millionith of an inch is something we expect everyday.

Fittings and components for hydraulics, electronic components used for computerized hardware, medical hardware, all certified to your specifications. Our professed operation is for industrial use only using qualified specialist. A non-chrome cleaner and brightener and a capacity to build a custom line and process for your particular application. Your only task is to contact us and give us your challenge. 24 hour / 7 days a week capability. We know we must meet your customer’s demand with ‘in-service’ dates common to entire network of treatments and processes.